An update on the Last Minute Necklace

I know you are all gagging to know whether or not my friend wore the last minute necklace I made when I saw her, and the good news is she did, and it looked fab!

Also, a thumbs up to Beads Unlimited, purveyors (via Hobbycraft) of the too stiff necklace cord hooks, who responded to my complaint feedback by sending me a new hook, but said that they can be a bit unwieldy so also included a trigger clasp which they thought might be better. Too late for my last minute necklace, but lovely of them all the same.


Oh and while we are doing shop shout outs I’ve just spent more than I should at Black Sheep Wools who are having a sale! Get your Rowan, Sublime and Noro fix while they’re cheap!


I make the mistakes so you don’t have to

Last minute necklace

So, I think the necklace looked ok in the end. There were a couple of problems. There always are with me. You will notice that the necklace is tied with double slip knots. What I actually bought was a coil and hook clasp from Hobbycraft. Well, firstly the hook is really stiff, there is no give in it to open it. I’ve written to the manufacturer to complain as it is pretty useless. Before I realised that though, I tried attaching it to the lace, which basically involves doubling over the lace and shoving it into the coil, squeezing the bottom of the coil, preferably with pliers. Not teeth. If you use teeth you are liable to chip one of them. They really should warn you of that on the packing. I didn’t mention it in my complaint though.

The pendant is turquoise and the seed beads are gold and blue

Still the double slip knot is pretty nifty. Tutorial for it here. It’s actually much more simple than I thought. Saves buying a clasp and means the wearer can adjust the length according to preference. I wrapped it in brown paper and embellished with a ribbon. I’d like to make out that I use brown paper because it’s chic, minimalist and eco friendly. We’ve already established that I don’t do chic. In actual fact I am both too tight and disorganised to buy proper wrapping paper. When it’s one of Celia’s friend’s birthdays, or even grandma’s, I get her to draw on the paper. Then I seem chic, minimalist, eco friendly and like a mum who fosters her children’s creativity. Win win I think.

The birthday friend didn’t open it while I was there, but I am seeing her again on Thursday. I shall take whether she wears it or not a measure of whether she likes it. No pressure.

Simple but pretty packaging

Oh, and that little teaser I gave the other day? That was another little disaster. It was actually blackboard vinyl, in a sticker form. But it isn’t going to work in my planned project, I actually need something slightly different. So if anyone has any innovative ideas as to what I can do with an A3 blackboard sticker I’d receive them gratefully. When I do get around to the proposed project I will tell you what you need and where you can get it. I make the mistakes, kids, so you don’t have to!