From Ridiculous to the Sublime

I made it out of the bedroom without disturbing the Target. Mission complete once again, and once again I find myself contemplating how ridiculous some aspects of parenting are. From the silent escape from the bedroom, to the times I find myself blowing raspberries to the tune of “The Animals Went in Two By Two” round Sainsbury’s.


Anyway, for the brief moments that I find myself with time to concentrate on my hobby I have recently taken delivery of some delicious yarn. Now, I’m not usually a yarn snob. Yes, I can appreciate the lovely silky touch a of a ball of Rowan Cashsoft, but my budget usually only stretches to acrylic blends like Stylecraft DK, and that does me well enough. There are a nice variety of colours and it’s cheap enough that it doesn’t sit around waiting for a project special enough to use it. But Black Sheep Wools have a sale on and I bought some lovely Sublime Organic Cotton with which to make some children’s toys.

The cream yarn below is Sirdar Balmoral, a mix of alpaca, wool, and silk. That’s going to be a Christmas blanket for my mum’s partner. The Sublime Merino I periodically buy and snaffle away for use in an afghan for my own bed which I have planned for one day. And I also got a lovely ball of Noro DK which I could never normally afford, but this was all on sale, and this is going to become some fingerless gloves.

Right now I am in the middle of a birthday gift for a 3 year old. Got to be done by Monday – last minute as usual!

An update on the Last Minute Necklace

I know you are all gagging to know whether or not my friend wore the last minute necklace I made when I saw her, and the good news is she did, and it looked fab!

Also, a thumbs up to Beads Unlimited, purveyors (via Hobbycraft) of the too stiff necklace cord hooks, who responded to my complaint feedback by sending me a new hook, but said that they can be a bit unwieldy so also included a trigger clasp which they thought might be better. Too late for my last minute necklace, but lovely of them all the same.


Oh and while we are doing shop shout outs I’ve just spent more than I should at Black Sheep Wools who are having a sale! Get your Rowan, Sublime and Noro fix while they’re cheap!