Love is Making It’s Way Back Home

I forgot to blog about the little Valentine’s Day present I sent to my mum. She reads my blog so I didn’t want to give the surprise away beforehand.


The idea came from Crochet Spot which has a pattern, but actually it’s as simple as can be, a crochet square folded into an envelope. This is a great project for novice crocheters who are just experimenting with squares but want to actually make something.


The origami heart comes from Girligami but there are instructions for a similar heart here.


While we are on the subject of love, you have to check out this video Love is Making It’s Way Back home, made solely with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper. It’s a visual delight. I came across this fab creation via the Meet Me at Mike’s blog.


Spread a little love yourself, you don’t need 12,000 pieces of paper! One is enough to make an origami heart for the one you love. Have a lovely day!

On the first day of Christmas my true love made for me…a calendar of origami

Yes, I know it is not the first day of Christmas, but why let that get in the way of a good post title!


Last night I manically finished my origami advent calendar. My previous post had some different ideas for homemade calendars and I went for the easy option, the origami one. It’s not quite as fancy as the one in my link, but it does look good. I haven’t added anything to hang it yet though.

The tutorial for the origami pockets is here. I used origami paper, but you could use an sort of paper, magazines, wrapping paper. I used stick on numbers from Hobbycraft. In each pocket is a piece of paper with an activity, mostly for Betty’s benefit (but a couple for us!).


Examples of activities are: Elf Yourself, watch a Christmas film, make reindeer cakes for the Christmas Fair.

I’m really pleased with it, though not sure about it’s longevity with the kids, being made of paper, but it was easy to make so nothing lost. The pockets are glued on to a large piece of foam board type thing, £2.50 from Hobbycraft.


Today’s activity is ‘Write a letter to Father Christmas’ which we will be sending here and awaiting our reply!


Let me get this straight to start with. I am NOT one of these freaks who starts Christmas shopping in January. I get visibly disturbed (and not afraid to voice my displeasure) at shops displaying Christmas stuff in September. I do not believe that we need to spend a quarter of the year preparing for a 2 day holiday. And I don’t send Christmas cards (Happy Christmas to all my friends reading – don’t be offended! It’s not you, it’s me – I’m lazy!).

But Advent doesn’t really count as it starts at the beginning of December, so if you are making a calendar you will need some notice. Actually, Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before December 25, the Sunday from November 27 to December 3 inclusive, but this is a secular blog, so we won’t be pedantic here.

I thought I would showcase a few projects that I have come across in my search. This fab Advent Jar from the Just A Girl Blog is one of my favorites. Fill covered match boxes with tiny treats or challenges for your children. She has some great ideas here.

The lovely Stitch This made this beautiful creation, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time, so you are not frantically sewing the stars only a few days before each one is meant to be hung!

If you’ve got time and space this Advent Town will delight your kids (though perhaps not as much as a Buzz Lightyear one filled with cheap chocolate if your children are anything like mine).

Space and time are two things I am short of. However I am not short of origami paper so Origami Advent Calendar from Homemade Gifts Made Easy (now that’s my sort of website title!).

If you are even shorter on time and creativity, then I love this anti-poncey advent calendar:


Ok, if I’d sat and thought about it I could probably have come up with a more inventive post title. I’ve been playing with paper for the past few days inspired by this book, Girligami by Cindy Ng. A lot of the patterns are cutsie shoes and bags and things, which are nice but not for me right now. But there is a lovely heart pattern which make for precious little things to send through the post, and a little envelope that you can write a loving message in.


Galvanised by the book I did a little googling and found this website, and got to work using some of the piles gorgeous papers given to me by a friend who hosts Japanese students.

Can ya tell what it is yet?