Twit twoo, winging my way to you!


This owlet will be making his way to Born to Shop who commissioned me to make it for her young mindee. He is going in the post tomorrow if I can bear to part with him. A couple of the school mums have asked me to go in with them on a table at the school fete, I’m thinking of making a whole bunch of these little owls for the kids to buy. What do you think?


Little owl


Ignoring all the other projects I have on the go or am planning, I whipped up this sweet little owl yesterday. Sometimes I just want a ‘quick win’ project that I can get done from start to finish in a couple of hours. This was one of those projects.

It is done in single crochet in the round, amigurumi style, with felt for the eyes, beak and wings. The inspiration came from the amusing blog Scissors & Steam. This little owl is a gift for a friend’s daughter but I have a feeling I’m going to be knocking a few more of these out, they are so easy and quite satisfying. It’s nice to feel a sense of achievement in an otherwise half-finished life.