Funky fabric


I’ve been a bit quiet of late. That is mainly because I am pretty rubbish at finishing projects, preferring to balance several at once. So, while I have nothing finished to show you you, be assured that I am beavering away.


I just wanted to pop in to share my fab find from yesterday. A pair of pink geometric pillow cases, 20p each from a local church table top sale. I love these things, they are choc full of tat, but in amongst the glass kitchenware and foiled pictures of horses there are always a few gems, selling for mere pence. As well as the pillow cases I got some lace trimming, a crochet hook (I’m building up a stash for potential classes that I’m considering running), a tape measure for my key ring (great for sizing up potential yarn bomb targets), a couple of picture frames, a basket to make an Easter decoration, and some random crap to keep my kids happy. Sorry, am I boring you? Well, here’s a little music to wake you up and pay homage to my new fabric. Enjoy: