Write your message here!


I am so ridiculously excited by this yarn bomb. I expect you are all bored of me harping on about it by now, but you have to admit it looks awesome!


I was amazingly organised, I even whipped up a little eraser to rub out previous messages. If this doesn’t last till tomorrow I WILL actually cry! I’m going to check it out in broad daylight tomorrow over a stealth cup of tea. I may even leave a message for my own loved one…



This one is on a nearby bike rack. It reads “Pssst…forget to buy a Valentine’s present? I got your back. Give this to someone who deserves it” and I left my blog dtails. If you picked it up let me know!


And this one? Well, this one is a surprise for someone at a secret location…


Love bomb!


I’m just too impatient to save showing you my Valentine’s Day yarn bomb, so here it is, a sneak preview! It’s a large crochet heart (75x80cm) with some chalkboard vinyl sewn on to it. The idea is that people can write their own Valentine’s Day message and take a picture with their camera phones to send to a loved one.


So, details: well the heart was freestyled, starting with two treble crochets and adding an extra two in at each end to make the cone shape. To shape the top of the heart I crocheted 2tog at each end, then 3tog as I got to the top, pretty much just making it up as I went along (making sure to make a note of what I did on one side so I could replicate the other – unusually organised of me!).


The chalkcloth is from oilcloth.co.uk, left over from my chalkboard project. I drilled holes in it to make it easier to sew through.


The basket was another freestyle project. Hopefully the chalk will be safe and sound in here.


So that people know what to do, I wrote a special Valentine’s poem (with a bit of word smithing from Stitch This):

A 21st Century Valentine

Roses are red, violets are blue,

You can send a Valentine too.

Write a message for your lover,

Tell them why they’re like no other.

If you’ve forgotten to send a card

Take a picture – it’s not hard!

And just so I can keep a log,

Send a copy to my blog.

I’m going to laminate it and leave it next to the heart. I’d be interested to know what you think, it’s not going up till tomorrow so still time to change it.


I went on a recce for locations today and this tree looks a likely candidate.

So, tomorrow night, me and my partner in crime (crime passionnel!) will be on a mission tomorrow night to spread love and joy 🙂 I’ll make sure I get a picture of it in situ. I may even do some surreptitious spying to see how it’s going down. It’d be a shame to leave it and not know what happened. A domain mes amour!