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This afternoon Betty and I made fudge for her teachers for Christmas. As with most of the things that I make, it was super duper easy. I used Nigella’s recipe. It calls for 70% cocoa chocolate, the good stuff. But at 700g for 2 batches of this stuff, and minimum £1 per 100g bar…well, I don’t like them that much! So I use half the good stuff and half the cheap dark chocolate (Sainsbo’s basics). To be honest you can tell the difference, but I’m still not spending £7 on chocolate.


I made half plain and half with peanuts and cranberries for a festive look.


I wasn’t very imaginative with the packaging but I’m adding a load a bags in so that the teachers and TAs can all help themselves to some to take home.


This stuff needs to be kept in the fridge, and in actual fact is delicious eaten straight from the freezer, where it will (theoretically) last longer. An excellent Christmas gift, and one that is really easy for kids to help with.