I’m not big on Sundays. I get that Sunday school night feeling. It’s anxiety about not. Not that my job it particularly anxiety-inducing, it’s just I have been away for a few days (four in my case as I work part-time) and I dread going into to see what missives await me in my inbox. That’s just half my week, the rest is likely to be spent stopping my children from killing each other, or me them (accidentally you understand…).


Suffice to say I never sleep very well on a Sunday night, worse than usual anyway. So if tonight I’m struggling to sleep I’m going to watch this somniferous (I just looked it up, don’t say I don’t educate you – it means sleep inducing) video that I found on the tangleknot blog.



5 thoughts on “Counting sheep

    1. Insomnia is the worst. I hate hypnosis CD’s. I can just about tolerate nature noises, e.g. the sea. But I find the best thing for insomnia is an antihistamine and some wine going to bed later rather than earlier.

  1. Oh my, that’s just taken me back to my schooldays. I thought it was only me that couldn’t get to sleep on a Sunday night before school. It was even worse starting back after the Summer holidays.

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