Well, I am starting my pilgrimage to Mumsnet Blogfest, which is taking in a bus ride, a train ride, a car ride, overnight pitstop at hotel Mummy Dilly (mints on pillow not included. In fact I will be lucky if there is any food at all. I have bought my own granola and banana for breakfast. I’m a creature of habit.) Then, if Mummy Dilly isn’t massively offended by the above, another car ride, then a train to Victoria. All this to travel a mere 200 miles or so.

Anyway, I’m super excited. I have with me 2 outfits which I am going to consult with Mummy Dilly on. Despite having herself the sartorial habits of a teenage art student, albeit with more expensive taste, she is a pretty good judge of these things.

I’m pretty nervous. I’m going to be hopefully meeting a whole bunch of Internet sprite friends. I my head it is a quiet gathering of just those I want to meet, however I not even sure of the numbers of people coming.

Information that I have been sent tells me that as well as pastries and Innocent Smoothies in the morning and a hot buffet lunch, in both the morning and afternoon breaks there will be cakes from the Beverley Hills Bakery. So all I can think of is food now, sod the amazing speakers, like Caitlin Moran and Miriam Gonzales Durantez.

The day finishes with wine and cheese. Note to self: don’t drink too much wine, it makes you an exaggerated version of yourself causing you to speak even more and even faster than normal.

So, expect lots of blogging about the conference, probably peppered with annoying in jokes for those who were there, to make those who weren’t insanely jealous (or think “Thank god I missed that bunch of twats…”).

There is also a competition involving the best post about one of the conference sponsors, so yep, expect one of those coming your way. Hey, a girl’s gotta get it where she can.

So, to all those in the cool crowd see you tomorrow. The rest of you losers will just have to read about it.

3 thoughts on “Trains, planes and automobiles

  1. Have a lovely time. I am sure there will be food if not you can share yours. But check you bag before you leave as you may find some of you things have transferred ownership to mummy dillie! I know that from experience!

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