The events in Connecticut yesterday are almost incomprehensible. I won’t try and put into words things that either can’t be said or that have been said better elsewhere like here and here. The only thing I can even begin to express is my disgust at the journalists interviewing young children, fresh from witnessing the horror of seeing their classmates gunned down. Almost as bad are the news outlets that then broadcast them, including Radio 4. These children need protection and support, not microphones shoved in their faces, with journalists asking them to explain something even a grown adult cannot fathom.

Instead of adding even more trite words to the morass, I recommend to you the words of writer Aaron Sorkin, through the mouth of fictional President Josiah Bartlett:

One thought on “The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight…

  1. Dilly I was ranting about this yesterday when I saw them interviewing a young girl, still shaking. How on earth did we get to this, that we feel it ok to interview children who as yet do not fully comprehend what it is they have witnessed, to thrust a microphone into their faces and encourage their ‘moment of fame’ at an already confusing time. It made me very sad. Although of course not as sad as the fact that this tragedy happened.

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