Beautiful Snowdonia. We will be here for New Year. Not climbing up mountains though, obviously. Just drinking wine.

Hello y’all. I have been very neglectful of my blog of late. I have spent the last few months Doing Too Much, culminating in a mini nervous breakdown, involving me throwing stickle bricks across the room in front of the kids. It was then I decided to Stop for a while. I did no Christmas craft, I made no presents, no hand made decorations. And Christmas was actually relatively stress free as a result. I realised that I was trying desperately to live up to some ideal, an ideal that I often see on other blogs, and one that makes me feel both envious and inadequate. But I have the start of my new Masters degree looming, and I am going to have to be more focused about how I use my time, and about how I use my blog.

I have missed writing, missed the thrill of trying to cohere an argument and write about it in an engaging way. I have taken the very unusual step of not writing unless I have something interesting to say. This is completely contrary to real life. The spoken word is hard to edit, but there is nothing like seeing the written word on the screen in front of you to show you how boring you can be!

Christmas was lovely and relaxed, the rampant consumerism dampened down on all fronts thankfully. I, a resolute atheist, read the kids the nativity story. I made it clear that some people believe in it, but for some people it is just a story. People who believe in it are called Christians “Yes, I’m one of them,” Betty piped up “I’m a Christian”. There have been several difficult conversation with her recently, including one at 6am on a Sunday morning when she woke up from a bad dream where I had died. Cue discussion of death; what happens when you die? Are you going to die mummy? I’ll prepared at any time of day, let alone so early, for such philosophical discussions, I blundered my way through different options such as heaven, star dust and reincarnation, ending with “no one really knows what happens when we die” which seemed a little unsatisfactory for her. All I could think was “Don’t promise her not to die!”.

Anyway, I just thought I would touch base, and tend to my blog a little. Hope you all had a marvellous Christmas. We are off to North Wales for the New Year to see some lovely friends. It will no doubt be wet and cold, but the feeling freedom from being halfway up a mountain, yet close to the sea, instead of in the middle of landlocked suburbia, more than makes up for it.

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